Do you need your order delivered?

Do you need a container relocated?

If you are placing an order that requires delivery, there are a few things to consider so that your delivery is simple and as quick as possible.
  1. Ask about delivery before ordering.
  2. Share any information about your site, including any concerns you may have.
  3. Do you have a preference for container orientation or door direction?
  4. We ask that the delivery area is prepared and accessible prior to our transport arrival. Please clear all obstructions, including overhanging electrical wiring and tree branches. Remove or clearly mark the position of underground pits and tanks.
  5. The delivery site must be dry, level and compacted in order that the container doesn’t sink once in use and that any doors can open and close smoothly. We recommend considering the use of container footings or concrete base blocks to stop moisture building up under the container.
  6. Ensure the site location has enough room to accommodate your container, and our delivery vehicle.

These steps will ensure the successful placement of the container on your site.

If we are collecting the container at the end of a hire period the same requirements apply – we will require clear access to pick up the container.

delivering container remote areas
Our Transport
  • Side loader semi trailer
  • Flat bed semi trailer
  • Tilt slide and rigid trucks
  • Container handler
  • 5 to 15 tonne forklifts
  • Front end loader