Shipping containers are versatile and robust – that makes them perfect for a wide range of industries.

From residential to mining and defence applications, the possibilities are endless.

Easy to transport and relocate

  • Accommodation

  • Lockers

  • Lunch Room

  • Workshop

  • Underground Facilities

  • Site Office

  • Portable Kitchen

  • Dangerous Goods

remote accommodation delivery
pandemic response
underground office
Underground Facilities
industrial workshop
industrial lunchroom
Lunch Room

Standard containers measure 8’ wide by 8’6” high and come in a variety of lengths from 8 to 40ft.

We can fit 20′ and 40′ containers with additional doors at both ends. 20’ can be fitted with full side access containers (1 side or both sides) plus normal end doors.

remote accommodation
Remote Accommodation
locker room
remote ablution block